Signature Workshops at Saath


Married, Now What?


It takes two to tango and the tango has its own twists and turns!

‘Married, Now What?’ workshop helps the couples in identifying these twists and turns; and focuses on bringing out the best in each other, personally and professionally. Even Abraham Maslow did articulate that emotional and physical well-being are extremely central to an individual.


This is a workshop for couples:


  • who have little hope in their marriage or
  • who are still beaming with confidence and love for each other

How Humor Works


When everything fails, humor works!

Humor, undoubtedly, is a great cure for stress, conflict resolution and mental flexibility. In fact, when Stephen Covey revealed that Relationship and Trust Building is an active habit of ‘highly effective people’, he too must have thought ‘why so serious’!


‘How Humor Works’ is a workshop for professionals who:


  • believe humor at work is a strict ‘no-‘no’.
  • often hold themselves back fearing that their attempt at humor may just back-fire.
  • wonder whether looking/being a light-hearted person is an annoyance in the corporate world.
  • are not sure what humor is appropriate humor.

Hold A Grudge?


Time heals all wounds but some wounds take away the best in us!

Revenge, bitterness, regret, guilt, resentment, grudge – these words depict an entire life-style, an approach to a daily-life. A living that not only eats up, bit-by-bit, the goodness in an individual but also a desire to give and do good.

‘Hold A Grudge?’ workshop assists in releasing these negative emotions, resolving conflicts and restoring mental harmony.


This is a workshop for professionals/individuals who:


  • have bottled-up anger or get caught in the circle of blame-game.
  • generally feel bitter or indifferent but don’t know why.
  • want to explore different ways of leading a more meaningful and peaceful life.

Bridging Generations


‘If you connect generations, you expedite progression!’
This workshop assists individuals in identifying the way different generations work and become more efficient together. Varying age-band bracelet is one that you want to fit into, isn’t it?

Bridging Generations workshop is for professionals who:

  • Have difficulty in communicating with people from different age-groups.
  • Find it hard to manage elderly or the young.

Entrepreneurs at Work


‘Work is worship and to work with comfort a privilege.’
This workshop is to instill the importance of driving your organization and team members as if they were your own and to establish them your aim. What you own and what you think you own is all that matters!

Entrepreneurs at Work workshop is for professionals who:

  • Can’t find a purpose in the job they do.
  • Would like to know multiple ways to overcome the hurdles to efficiency.

Understanding Yourself


‘To understand your self is not only to evolve better but also to give better. To understand your self is to bring the equilibrium within.’
With this workshop one gets closer to self and learns the relative impact on others. It’s about the connection within and the connection outside of self.

Understanding Yourself workshop is for professionals who:

  • Tend to get easily stressed.
  • Would like to understand poise and being-cool more deeply.


Workshop Methodologies:


Group facilitation and activities; Case Studies; Critical incidents, Role Plays and Videos


Post Learning Effectiveness Evaluation:


Each ‘signature learning workshop’ will have a complementary post learning effectiveness evaluation up to Level 3 of Donald Kirkpatrick’s Effectiveness Evaluation Model.